Afternoon coffee food styling
Coffe and breakfast
Woman holds stonefruit
Two mugs and a bubbled glass water vessel
Grilled toast served with cheese and beer
Grilled fish on a pan with salad and orange wine
Grilled Pea Pods
A glass of sparkling wine with the bottle  in a farmhouse
Sparkling white wine being poured into glass
Heirloom Tomato Salad
Creative use of food
Plate for one of caprese salad
charcuterie with endive and pita in a bowl
large, thick cut pasta noodles with cheese, sauce and pepper
Spring radicchio, tomato and basil salad sits next to bottle of wine
Juicy and beautiful perfectly ripe tomato slice on toast
Fresh picked vegetables sit on a table in a naturally dyed linen table cloth
White farmhouse table filled with fresh vegetables
Fresh shucked oysters on ice for New York Times
Two images side by side
Cooked mushrooms dance across crust
Salt and milk and time makes cheese
Wooden kitchen tool sits on stone surface next to modern water vessel
Lemon verbena and blood orange cocktail
Writing letters with flowers from the garden
Curved lines of mushroom gills create artistic image
Vintage champagne flutes, pink linen napkin and a bowl of fruit
Refurbished paper cutter and antique knife with heirloom vegetables
Beet greens, creative food styling
Copper metal cup for cocktail
Delicious, ganache, simple display
Leans towards cake with fork
Tending the bar, tropical flowers and herbal drinks
Person with striped shirt serves hot drink to elderly man
Details of Mocca master