Zee Wendell Rejoins Sally Reps Roster

Zee Wendell Rejoins Sally Reps Roster

Join us as we celebrate the addition or re-addition of Zee Wendell to the Sally Reps Roster!

Zee Wendell met Sally 21 years ago when Sally was Zee’s client at Nordstrom. It was on one very long photoshoot that Zee floated the idea of an artist/agent partnership.

In 2002, Sally left Nordstrom to start Sally Reps with Zee was her first artist. The two began a successful seven year run together working for brands such as Nike, Nordstrom, Microsoft, and Target. When the financial crisis of 2009 shook the photo industry, Zee decided to shift gears and started Weestock, a children’s stock photography agency.

While Zee was officially off the SallyReps roster, Sally and Zee stayed in close contact. Today with her children almost grown, Zee has returned to commercial photography and has evolved her specialty to lifestyle interiors.

Full circle, Sally and Zee are back together. We are happy to welcome a familiar face and are excited to have Zee on the roster again!

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