Last spring photographer Troy Nebeker joined forces with production company Oakstreet Productions and client Hydroflask to capture action imagery in Bozeman, Montana, where nighttime temperatures fell below 16 degrees Fahrenheit. The team made up of crew and real-life athletes had a ball as they scaled ice walls, trekked across snow fields, rode horses and hot tubbed, all the while being photographed by the intrepid photographer Troy Nebeker and Video DP Sam Saarel. “What a wonderfully collaborative crew,” says Troy Nebeker who is all smiles when reflecting on the shoot. “I had to drive from Seattle to Bozeman in blizzard conditions, but we made it just in time for the blue skies.” The Hydroflask images from that shoot are just now hitting the advertising channels for the brand as they are “winter inspired.” Click here to see more from that shoot.

Troy Nebeker's photography career started over 20 years ago when he cut his advertising teeth as a fledgling art director, where he concepted and designed brand campaigns featuring photography for numerous commercial clients.

Following his dream, Troy now works behind the camera shooting and directing for clients who share his passion for the outdoors and good story telling such as BMW, LOGE, MiiR, AWS, and AEGIS. "It is a powerful thing to see people and experiences unfold from behind the camera and I’m not sure there is anywhere I’d rather be.”

Female Mountaineer
Young woman fly fishing in Montana
Girl with horse and hydroflask