Three Big Trends for Wallpaper & Paint In 2021

Now that we’ve all been home for a year and the walls are closing in on us, it is time to rethink our surroundings. Refreshing a room with a new color or wallpaper texture can transform a space instantly and create a new modern vibe. In the past year the Sally Bjornsen Represents photographers and styling teams have been at the forefront documenting new paint and wallpaper trends with clients such as Rejuvenation, Pottery Barn, Amazon Home, Wayfair, Joss & Main and Serena & Lily. Here are the three big trends for paint and wallpaper that are excited about.

Wallpaper As Narrative

Wallpaper is back and we love it. Rooms come to life when wallpaper is added, helping to tell the story of the space. Framed pictures and mirrors set against a bold design add texture and depth to any room. Wallpaper designs this year are bright, vibrant and textural. Whether it is a floral design, a geometric print or simply a mural design, wallpaper makes a statement.

Images below styled by Erik Staalberg. Bathroom, Shearling Chair and Wallpaper Designer photographed by George Barberis.

Brightly colored wall paper and murals help to tell a room’s as evidenced below. (clockwise) by Melissa O’hearn, Sarah Flotard and George Barberis.

With Wallpaper and Paint, Bright Colors Liven Up a Room and a Mood

In the past ten years interior colors were centered around a modern palette of whites, grays and soft beige. Now we are moving into a richer more emotion driven color story. Rooms, whether they are donned in wallpaper or a new coat of paint, are bright and lively. Walls that lift a mood are welcomed!

Nothing underlines this trend more than Pantone’s colors of the year, Ultimate Gray paired with a vibrant yellow called Illuminating. It’s exciting to see yellow back on trend. After a year of lonely social distancing yellow is the perfect antidote. Yellow is known to brighten a space and lift a mood. Photographer Mark Mawson gives us his interpretation of the color of the year below.

Interior Images below photographed By George Barberis. Orange room styled by Rachel Grunig. Paint photographed by Sarah Flotard.

Rich Romantic Jewel Tones & Warm Earth Tones

A study among home décor experts showed that the quarantine has strongly affected homeowner’s color choices. It appears that spending more time in your house leads to stronger color choices. Homeowners are ready for more color beyond gray which leads us to rich romantic jewel tones & warm earth hues. Rich jewel tones and strong earth tones with personality evoke a cozy and luxurious vibe. Gilded mirrors and frames set against a rich dark wall brings to mind luxury and romance. The most used colors this year are Agean Teal and Urbane Bronze. Deep earth tones elevate the comfort zones with inviting and natural hues.

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