The Women of Sally Reps: Sarah Flotard

The Women of Sally Reps: Sarah Flotard

Sarah Flotard started her photography career as a cook for Tom Douglas. Well, not exactly. As a budding kitchen helper, Sarah loved the behind the scenes restaurant culture and felt compelled to capture the momentum, creativity and lifestyle of people cooking on camera.

Sarah dabbled a bit in food photography, and was soon photographing celebrity chefs, restaurants, and farms. It didn’t take long for her editorial stories to be recognized by New York Times Magazine, Bon Apetit and Rachel Ray.

When asked about what she enjoys about this type of photography, Sarah said “I love to capture the creative process and reward the viewer with the result, whether that be a beautiful dish or a group of people enjoying a picnic.”

Not one to be pigeonholed by an industry, Sarah has gravitated to more lifestyle-oriented projects of late, shooting for hotel, grocery, technology and apparel clients. Though she has moved beyond the cook line, she still attributes her unique sense of style and sense of humor to her time spent in frenetic kitchens preparing food and imagining the mystique that goes into a culinary experience.

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