The Women of Sally Reps: Lauren Day

The Women of Sally Reps: Lauren Day

Lauren grew up under her grandparents roof. Long before she was born, her grandparents lived in Greece and Korea and as a result their home she grew up in was a compilation of their time living overseas. Baskets of plastic fruit hung from kitchen ceiling, a brass menagerie adorned the mantel, the living room was covered in wallpaper depicting a forest theme, candlesticks stood 5 feet tall. The house was brimming with items that Lauren found endlessly interesting. “It was like living in a museum, but one where you could touch everything, and I did.” It was from her early years in that house that Lauren grew to love objects and styling. “It feels innate to me,” She says. “Moving and rearranging things is something my hands want to do and my eyes want to see.“ Lauren’s work reflects a breath of styles and projects. Lauren is a great collaborator, with a great sense of humor. She is primarily a set and prop stylist, though many clients enlist her for wardrobe as well. “It’s all fun to me,” she says. “I am lucky to work in an industry where I get to work around people and things that inspire me.”

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What is something people might not know about you?

You might not know this about me, but I went to college at the University of Maryland and I majored in American Studies with a concentration in Pop Culture and Media Studies. I imagined that I would be a college professor in my late 30s, a published author with my PhD. I changed so much in my 20s and now its hard for me to picture myself in position like that because I really like using my hands and the variety that life as freelance creative provides me.

What are you most proud of?

I absolutely love my job. I feel like pinching myself that I am fortunate enough to work in such a fast paced, ever changing, creative environment alongside talented people. It is hard work. You are often dirty and sweaty and sometimes you are asked to do herculean tasks. The pictures might look beautiful and glamorous, but the process is often painstaking. It’s a great fit for me. My favorite projects are when I get to make things and when I really have to problem solve to come up with a solution for the client. Those are the jobs that I am most proud of.

What advice would you impart on a young woman looking to get into this industry?

I try as hard as I can to give time and energy to connect with every woman that reaches out to me to ask questions about how to get into styling. I absolutely love talking on the phone or grabbing coffee with anyone who needs advice or guidance on how to get started. I share my own story, my risks, and my mistakes as straight forwardly as I can. I would also say that it takes planning and strategy to make the leap into styling. Freelancing in the creative industries can be a very risky move so calculating and planning the steps are key. I tell women to reach out to photographers and small companies and work for free if necessary when you are starting out so you can start to build your book. Assist other stylists if you can so you can learn the ropes, the expectations, and the vocabulary surrounding production. If you have an eye and can make things beautiful thats great! BUT you must be organized, be willing to learn, and work hard to be an asset on set. I also approached my own move with the mentality that I would need to invest three years as though I was in school. When you are going to school you might not make much money but you are investing in your training.

What was your dream job as a kid?

My dream job as a kid was to be a Consumer Reporter! I know that’s so weird, but I remember when I was ten I made a paper chain link in class and wrote that that was what I wanted. I thought it would be a blast to test products and write reports informing consumers of the results.

Do you have a daily ritual, and if so what is it?

My morning ritual is simple and I feel like its a must no matter what the call time is. I will get up as early as I have to to ensure that I can have my coffee while I sit in bed with my cats. I get the coffee ready to go the night before, and then in the morning I blend it with collagen, grass fed butter, and MCT oil in my blender so it's frothy. I pour it into one of my Hasami porcelain mugs. The mugs are tan with the slightest gritty texture and the perfect handle. I am very picky about my mugs. I head back to bed and read the news on my phone while my kitties join me. I like to make sure I have at least 45 minutes to do this. This is the centerpiece of my morning, before I have to make lunches for my kids and do a hundred other things. I cannot stand leaving the house with my coffee in a to-go cup.

To work with Lauren, contact Sally Bjornsen.