The Art of Creative Collaboration

The Art of Creative Collaboration

Back in the day when I was a client I used to love to go to photoshoots. It was such a relief to leave my desk and enter an environment with a freelance creative team. I was always amazed by how the individuals on the crew including stylists, hair and makeup, digi techs, assistants and photographers worked together. It was a beautiful collaborative experience all in the name of creativity.

Now, on the other side of the photoshoot, I represent photographers, stylists, directors and retouchers who are in the business of pulling a photoshoot off seamlessly for our long list of corporate clients. As an agent, I help to bring the teams together, pairing the appropriate talent for each job. While I miss the days of being on set, now I get to watch from afar as the curated teams work together. And like an orchestra, the music is not perfect unless the team is working in unison on a shared creative vision.

“The fun begins when everyone has prepared ahead of time and we get to the set and begin to create,” says Sarah Flotard, photographer and director. “I so believe in my team of processionals that I don’t have to worry about their specific jobs, they’re on it. Once we are on set we all get to do what we do best and it’s super fun. You can feel the chemistry of a well-oiled crew.”

Clients have reported that the teams at Sally Reps are a blast to work with. With years of experience refining their craft and working together, the roster at SallyReps is top notch. You can see it in their collaborative approach and in the final product.

Images below were photographed by Sarah Flotard and styled by Rachel Grunig and Lauren Day as well as photographer George Barberis and Rachel Grunig. Some of the images were retouched by retoucher Jon Birdseye.

So much of it boils down to creative strategy that is set by the client, then it is incumbent on the photographer or director to communicate that vision to the team.