Roger Snider Photographs Big Rigs

Commercial photographer Roger Snider is passionate about two things: Photography and Trucks.

Roger Snider started his photography career capturing images for consumer brands. About 18 years ago, he began augmenting his commercial work with something he is super passionate—decked -out big-rig trucks — first in Japan, and later in the U.S. His passion project caught the attention of National Geographic, which inspired him to track down the most beautiful big-rigs on earth for a photography project that’s been going on since 2005. Eventually Roger turned his truck image obsession into a 12-month photo calendar of big rigs modeled after Peterbilt promotional materials from the 1960s.

What began as a Snider’s personal exploration into the arena of customized commercial trucks worldwide, has grown into his well-received and celebrated series of romanticized tricked-out big rigs around the US. Roger is known as THE go-to photographer and director for complex projects involving these supersized vehicles.

Educated first by his Dad, an aerial photographer in Miami, Roger went on to earn his B.F.A. at the University of Florida. He cut his teeth in the gallery scene in New York City before relocating to Los Angeles in 2004, where he also became a member of Local 600. The McCaig/Welles Gallery exhibition in Williamsburg Brooklyn of Snider's Hair series garnered spectacular accolades, and several new exhibitions are in the works.

Roger Snider is on the road constantly, works as a local in LA and NYC, and makes his home with his wife and son in the Northern Rockies.

Here we highlight some of Roger’s favorite big-rig photos, check out Snider’s website here or follow his truck-focused Instagram, Roger_Snider_Rigs. And big rigs aren’t the only vehicle Snider is fascinated by: He’s currently seeking subjects for a new photo series on pre-2004 Toyota trucks around the world, modified for specific lines of work. If you’ve got such a truck, or you’re interested in hiring Snider for a photo project, contact the artist here.