Photo Stylists FTW!

Photo Stylists Are the Backbone of Every Photoshoot!

No photoshoot is complete without the creative muscle of a photo stylist. Often behind the scenes with a paintbrush, blow torch or steamer in hand, it’s the stylist who makes a set look wonderful, sleek, comfortably lived-in or deliciously mouthwatering. Whether the assignment calls for a gorgeous handmade background, a grilled sandwich oozing with cheese or a model clad in a stylized runway gown, it’s a stylist who makes it happen.

Stylists draw upon research, artistic skill, project management prowess, physical muscle, and schlep to create a unique scene, recipe, outfit, or environment. Shelp? It is incumbent on the stylist to hire a crew to help her as needed to shop, ship, load and package up props, wardrobe and food supplies and get them to the set on time and on budget.

At Sally Reps & Co. we have a team of seasoned stylists who are called upon by photographers and clients again and again to help make a photoshoot smooth and original. Each one of our stylists comes with a specific expertise that makes them unique!

Rachel Grunig - Specialties include Interiors, Props, Art Department, Soft-goods & Food

Lauren Day - Set Design, Props, Wardrobe, Art Direction

Molly Hurd - Props, Interiors, Apparel Flats (with an expertise in vintage props).

Emily Bowser - Props, Interiors, Softgoods (strong digital presentation skills).