Molly Hurd Gets Outside to Set the Stage for Summer

This past season Molly Hurd had the opportunity to go to Malibu with client Pottery Barn for a summer furniture photoshoot. I have to admit, in the dead of winter, I want to slip seamlessly into these images, pull on a sarong, grab a magazine and slather on spf 50 for an afternoon of reading and sipping cocktails by the pool.

Molly Hurd is a seasoned stylist and photo art director. Known for her keen eye and attention to detail, she is in high demand among home decor clients the world over. So what makes a great stylist? According to our clients it’s the ability to pull together a visual narrative. To create scenes that include statement details that reinforce a brand’s vision and a customer’s aspiration. In these shots Molly brought the human element to the picture with stylish hats, sunglasses, and tabletop props. Her experience creating lived in spaces invites the viewer to picture themselves in the environment; to feel the comfort of the lounge chairs and to smell the summer breeze, the enjoyment is palpable.