Knoxy Knox for Outbound Hotels

Photo and Video, Video and Photo. That seems to be the way of things these days. And good news for us, we have several people on our roster who do both. The latest in this series is from still and video director Knoxy Knox for client Outbound Hotels and Nature Resorts. Knoxy traveled to Jackson Hole as well as Mammoth Mountain to capture these amazing images and video for the hotel chain. Knoxy, directed the work, collaborating with real life models that she and her team cast along the way. The brand is currently using all of the assets Knoxy shot on their website and in advertising. "I was thrilled to work with this client," says Knoxy. "They gave my team a lot of freedom. We wanted to show the blend of music, local culture, and the outdoors and to capture unforgettable moments created at the two resorts with friends, family, and furry companions. I think we did just that."

Outbound Hotels is more than a hotel chain, the brand is a community and a culture that is about inclusive, and genuine human connection. Once you step through our doors you’re instantly part of the crew, an Outbounder. Bound together by good times, good people and the outdoors.

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  • KNOXY KNOX - Photographer
  • KNOXY KNOX - Photographer