Interior image photographed by George Barberis

Global Warming Cannot Stop this Creative Team

Last month I had the pleasure of traveling with stylist Molly Hurd and photographer George Barberis to Joshua Tree where we were planning a gorgeous test shoot. Molly and George had been wanting to work together for a long time and finally, the stars aligned. Normally, I don’t travel on shoots—though I wish I did more often. I was happy to leave my office and Seattle’s record-breaking “snowmageddon” for a warmer climate.

With the mood boards completed, shot lists outlined and spring wardrobes packed, we headed south to Palm Springs. We arrived in the desert city under cloudy skies and light sprinkles. Given the northwest winter chill we’d left behind, Palm Springs’ 60 degrees and a light mist seemed balmy.

On our prep day, we woke to cloudy skies and more intermittent rain showers. Unfazed, we gathered props at some of the country’s most interesting furniture and vintage home décor stores. In the evening, we were joined by Molly’s niece, Instagram star & painter/illustrator Ashley Mary, who had flown in from Minneapolis to paint a mural for Palm Springs Modernism Week. Ashley informed us that she had heard a “flash flood” was on the way. As rain aficionados, we laughed and shook the weather warning off.

The next day, we headed east to Joshua Tree under bruised blue skies and skittering tumbleweeds. Once on location, we quickly surmised that there would be no outdoor shooting if the torrential downpour hit. By midnight the storm had arrived, and we found ourselves in the midst of a true flash flood that made a Seattle rainstorm look like child's play. It rained non-stop for 24-hours and then some. As it turns out, our shoot day will be remembered as one of the wettest days in 76 years in Palm Springs. The city officially received 3.69 inches of rainfall in 24-hours.

Climate change is real, but that does not keep Molly and George from creating amazing images, no matter the weather. To see more from Molly and George, be sure to visit

Interior Photography By George Barberis