George Barberis x Salt and Straw

Photographer George Barberis recently shot a wonderfully whimsical campaign for client Salt & Straw and design firm CO Projects. Retouching by Jon Birdseye, styling by Andrea Slonecker. The Campaign, promoting Salt & Straw’s Upcycled Food Series, highlights ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away. The goal was to shine a light on creative and delicious solutions to help reduce food waste, such as cacao pulp, whey and more flavorful ingredients that are often byproducts of popular ingredients (chocolate and cheese, respectively).

"The images came out so playful and fun," says George, "the art direction was to create something very different from traditional ice cream images. I think we achieved it!"

The delicious Salt & Straw Upcycle menu includes the new Cacao Pulp and Chocolate Stracciatella Gelato created in partnership with Blue Stripes, and is made using the whole cacao pod including the shell and pulp. The gelato is striped with ribbons of dark chocolate stracciatella. A Lemon Curd and Whey flavor creates a tart, tangy gelato infused with upcycled whey-based probiotic sparkling Lemon & Ginger Spare Tonic. The last new flavor is Salted Caramel and Okara Cupcakes, a vegan creation that's based in a salted coconut oat milk ice cream studded with bits of dark chocolate cupcakes, frosted with vegan caramel and featuring okara flour, a flour made from the pulp leftover when making soy milk.

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  • GEORGE BARBERIS - Photographer/Director
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