Capturing the Soul of Borgo Rosati: Zee Wendell's Artistry in Bend, OR

In the heart of Bend, Oregon, lies Borgo Rosati, a hidden gem celebrating community and connectivity. Through the lens of photographer Zee Wendell, the visionary creation that is Mimmo Rosati’s unique shopping experience comes alive. Zee's artistry captures the soul of Borgo Rosati, freezing moments that reflect the store's captivating offerings – from enchanting furniture sets to handpicked tablescapes from Europe. Each item exudes elegance, inviting visitors to connect with the warm ambiance and inspiring atmosphere.

As the mastermind behind Borgo Rosati's imagery, Zee Wendell's photography highlights the unique pieces, offering them as treasures to be cherished. Mimmo’s world comes to life.

With over two decades of experience, Zee's unparalleled talent has garnered her well-deserved acclaim, making her an esteemed artist in the photography world.

Discover the enchanting world of Borgo Rosati, brought to life by Zee Wendell's artistry, and let her work inspire you to seek out more visual wonders that stir the soul. Immerse yourself in Zee Wendell's captivating photography and experience the magic of Borgo Rosati, where art, elegance, and genuine emotions converge to create a shopping journey like no other.