Barbie’s Poolside Wrap Party!

Drawing inspiration from what is sure to be the “movie of the summer”, Photographer Sarah Flotard and Retoucher Jon Birdseye teamed up their collective creativity to co-art direct their vision of Barbie’s Poolside Wrap Party!. Here at the party, the floaties are pink, the cocktails are cold, the water warm and vintage Malibu Ken (and his tan lines) are still hot! Using a combination of practical camera techniques, retouching and animation by Mather McKallor, the images are a playful exercise in scale and movement. Can you spot which of the cocktails, all styled by the talented Tyler Hill, are “real” in each scene? Please follow along this week as we take you behind the scenes with Barbie and friends, and what happens once Director Greta Gerwig calls...

That’s a wrap!