Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser with Sarah Flotard

Earlier this season, Sarah Flotard had the opportunity to work with Amazon on a new product launch, The Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser.

“It was super fun,” says Sarah Flotard, lifestyle and food photographer. “Though the shoot took place at the height of Covid, we still managed to get some great photographs.”

The Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser, designed with a build in timer, guides the user to scrub their hands for the CDC recommended minimum amount of time. “It’s a great product for families,” says Flotard. “We wanted to show how busy families live and how they can integrate the new Soap Dispensers into their busy daily routines. We worked to show families in action, getting their hands messy and then washing them with the new Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser."

The campaign which launched in July 2021 can be seen online at Amazon or at