Alison Blomgren Gives Us Modern Cosmetics

Commercial photographer Alison Blomgren recently wrapped a wonderful photo shoot highlighting gorgeous cosmetic and beauty product images. This body of work will play a crucial role in the marketing and promotion for her client. The mission for this photo shoot was to showcase the products in their most attractive and appealing light. The result was this set of stunning images that feature the product’s colors, textures, and details, while evoking a sense of desire and aspiration. The images are so tactile you want to reach out and touch them. Who knew foundation and blush could be so sensual!

Lighting is one of the key elements that set Alison’s images apart. Her technique using well-lit environments brings out the true colors and textures of the products. Her different lighting setups, such as soft diffused light and dramatic shadows achieve various effects and moods. Alison’s use of reflectors, diffusers, and other light modifiers help control the intensity and direction of light, reducing glare and creating a more flattering illumination. I think the images speak for themselves. Enjoy!