A Palm Spring Collaboration with Stylist Molly Hurd and Photographer George Barberis

Magic happened last month when interior photographer George Barberis joined forces with home décor stylist Molly Hurd to create an editorial story in Palm Springs, CA .

This is not the first time these two have made a trip to the area for winter inspiration. Back in 2019, during the historic Valentine's Storm, they nearly got swept off the earth on the third wettest day ever recorded in Palm Springs. While they forged some epic weather on that memorable trip, the results of their creative collaboration were gorgeous, nonetheless.

So I was super excited when the pair decided to get the band back together and try their luck in Palm Springs again. To say they were rewarded with sunny skies and dry weather is an understatement. What a difference five years makes, the week they were there the daytime temperatures hovered between 65 and 70 degrees and the skies were clear. Phew!

The focus of this shoot was to capture the unique quality of desert light at dawn and dusk, painting a visual narrative highlighting interior and still life vignettes. Molly produced the shoot, finding a unique location that allowed the pair time to work within the space. The stunning images speak for themselves. Fun times were had by all and this Rep was super pleased with the results. Molly and George, go team go!

palm spirngs light