Nerdy Guy
Pastries and coffee
Hand gestures
Ornate and golden interior with palms
Beautiful and polished elder
Husband and wife first home
Strong, joyful black motherhood
Handsome salt and pepper
Nerdy guys like sports too
Expressive portrait
joy and happiness
Muscular Celebrity with dimples
Thumbs up
Stock business guy
Half smile
Cheering and celebrating a play
Hands in the air
Lilac turtleneck
Headshot in natural window light
Black hair, high contrast
Middle Ages white male
Customer satisfaction
High contrast
Navy blue V neck tee
Shiny skin
Low light, black and white
College Varsity Style
Loft above the city
Old school brick buildings
White shirt, red polka dots
Two daughters with their father and grandmother
American football
Green screen
Repetitive imagery and portraiture