Stacy Milrany illustration of a man sitting on top of a giant Nutria.

When Is Illustration A Good Choice for Advertising?

Illustration and design can be a fantastic communication tool for brands. Some of the most memorable advertising campaigns for me have included illustration or graphics that utilize humor, style, characters, and color. Compared to photography or video, illustration is often a more versatile and economical solution with fewer moving parts. No casting, no styling, no catering, no backtalk.

As we all know, advertising is the outgrowth of creativity, imagination, and art as a visualization media. When brought into the creative problem-solving process, it can expand the range of solutions for advertising messages. Unlike photography or video, more literal mediums like Illustration play on the imagination of both the creator and the viewer, making the impossible possible. Illustration lends the ability to invent a person or character who never existed, create an imaginary city, or depict a sentient being whose age, race, or even gender is not identifiable. With an illustrator’s imagination anything is possible and uniquely “ownable.”

As I continue to work with illustrator and fine artist Stacy Milrany, I see infinite possibilities for utilizing original art when creating a brand’s look and feel. Here are some of the reason’s why you’d choose to use illustration art for your next branding campaign.

Consider Original Art / illustration When You Want to…

  • Create a distinctive, “ownable” style specific to your brand and one your customers have not seen yet
  • Offer your audience an occasion to smile, bust a gut, or simply ponder
  • Surprise your customers with something they will want to hang on their wall
  • Create something that does not include a gaggle of models, gaffers, stylists, caterers, baby wranglers, locations, dog trainers, and assistants We like all those things, a lot, but sometimes a client just cannot afford it
  • Convey exaggeration, attitude, emotion, expression, and personality
  • Make it difficult for competitive copycats

To learn more about how illustration can level up a campaign contact Sally Bjornsen here.

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