The Women of Sally Reps: Jesica Kurashima

Jesica Kurashima, apparel stylist, can make anyone look good with a nip and a tuck here, a scarf there. She is a quiet presence with a great sense of style and know how. Meticulous with detail, she is any photographer’s dream as a stylist. She is a true collaborator and a great addition to any team.

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What women inspire you?

In this industry I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many inspiring, creative women. In particular, one of my best friends who is a makeup artist professionally, but also a brilliant painter and film photographer... watching her evolve and create through different artistic mediums inspires me to stay experimental and push my boundaries.

What advice would you impart on a young woman looking to get into this industry?

Stay humble and stay open minded, because there are so many careers and niches within the photography industry that you may not even know exists yet. You never know which opportunities will pop up, and what will ultimately end up fulfilling your creative spirit the most.

What was your dream job as a kid?

When I was really young I wanted to be a veterinarian who moonlighted as a standup comedienne. Do you have a daily ritual, and if so what is it? Morning coffee! As a freelance stylist, each day is so different from the next that there's very little daily routine in my life. One thing I can always rely on is a fresh cup of coffee to start the day off on a happy note.

To work with Jesica, contact Sally Bjornsen here.