Skate! New Streetwear From Photographer Elke Van De Velde

Last summer lifestyle photographer Elke Van De Velde hit the streets in Los Angeles to shoot a new vintage streetwear feature story for Mini Maven Magazine. The theme was vintage inspired street fashion. Clearly these shots, influenced by the 70s, tell a story of both days gone by and today's street/skate fashion. The models in this shoot have worked with Elke a handful of times and they have really gotten comfortable with one another. "It's fun to shoot with kids who are friends," says Elke. They have a chemistry that you cannot create right away among strangers. In the past year I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with the same models. They are always game to have fun, especially during Covid when their social lives were limited, it's like the photoshoot has become their playground." More work from Elke can be found on the Sally Reps site at