On Location with Elke Van de Velde

When you watch a live musical band play it can be magical. Each musician riffs on the other, creating a distinct sound that cannot be created alone. The magic of collaboration is the same on a photoshoot. Artists come together to riff on a stated vision which is often set forth by a photographer or art director. Together a team of stylists, assistants, producers, hair and makeup artists, location scouts and casting experts work together to create a unique visual story.

Fashion and lifestyle photographer Elke Van de Velde is at home as the ring leader of her creative team.

“My shots are only as good as the team I pull together,” says Elke. “I cannot do it alone. I thrive on the creative collaboration among talented artists who want to bring a story together.”

This body of work, shot by Elke is called “Baker St. House” and was a collaboration between AD Teresa Wingert, Stylist Kim Brooks, HMU Heidi Nymark and model Amore from Seattle Model’s Guild. The shoot took place at a gorgeous location called Baker St. House, a historical home in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.

“Once we all saw the house we got really excited about the creative possibilities,” says Elke. “The old Victorian finishes and painterly wallpaper inspired us to create a really romantic story. We are all really pleased with the result.”

More work from Elke and her team can be found here.

More about the Location

According to the Property Record Card, this house was built in 1888. The home, with it’s gorgeous original finishes and beautiful wallpapered walls, was added to the Washington State Register of Historic Places in 1998. The house has been restored in several stages by its owners over the past 30 years.