Autumn's editorial work has been published in Men's Vogue Brazil, Italian GQ, Playboy Germany, Playboy Brazil, FHM, Maxim, Stern, Vice Magazine, Trip Magazine, TPM, ArtForum, and Men's Health. Advertising clients include Airbnb, Telekom, Santander, Itaú, Warner Music, Ebay, Lloyd, DerTour, O2, BMW, Rewe, Chevrolet, Mini Cooper, Aida, Caloi and Volkswagen, amongst others. In addition to her work as a photographer, she also directs short films for fashion and advertising clients and exhibits in galleries and museums worldwide. Originally from Los Angeles, she now lives and works out of São Paulo, Los Angeles, and Berlin. All post-production on the work shown here has been done by RedFishBlack Retouching in New York City. For inquiries please write to